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Thread: Increasing wifi range with external antenna and amplifier

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    ok. finished the project last year.

    Installed in a remote area in australia. There were no other 2.4ghz WiFi networks around.

    Mounted the 10db omni on a 12 metre high pole on a workshed.

    Using an iphone was able to get signal from 600 metres away from tower.

    Using a directional antenna and laptop and on a slightly elevated hill (the AP was in a valley) we were able to connect from 11.03 km's away. Made a skype call and it worked well.

    Didn't have the iperf software at the time. Next time I'm out there I'll try an iperf throughput test.


    didn't end up using the 2watt booster. We connected it and it worked but when I tried speedtest it was really really really slow.

    ended up taking it off and running the wrt54gl at 150mw.
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    Nice shootin tex!

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    Yeah I was suprised at how well it worked


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