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Thread: MBQ QAA Repair

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    MBQ QAA Repair

    I have an MB Quart QAA 4250. One channel will get some static when I go over a bump or jiggle the amp. I have narrowed it down to the board. If you poke on it or flex the board in an area, the static will show up for second or two then disappear. Any suggestions where I could send this? I just hope it isn't a trace on the board.
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    5 bucks says it's merely a flaky solder joint.

    You could contact a member here, his name is Aaron, he owns Envision Electronics. He would be more than happy to look at it and his prices are VERY reasonable. So much in fact that I would send an amp to him over doing it myself on my capable bench because I feel car amps are a PITA and would rather stick to professional products.

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    Thanks, Chad.
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