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Thread: Ideal speaker design for the ideal home

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    Ideal speaker design for the ideal home

    My vote would probably go towards:
    open baffle
    line array
    augmented by a push pull secondary baffle running the bass drivers

    I suppose there would be three rows of drivers, the tweeters, mids, and push-pull bass drivers. There is still the problem of the CTC spacing between the tweeters. A slit or some sort may be the way to go.

    The Linkwitz design is too low power for my taste. The Geedes design has a changing coverage patern that while fixed at the crossover it is frequency dependent. It also has box type resonance, but probably minimized well enough. Both designs have a crossover right in the middle of the midrange.

    My friend graduated from school and got a 150k job. He asked me for speaker advice and I pointed him to Linkwitz, Geedes, and Selah audio line arrays. I told him to drop the tube amp money and spend it on the design and processing. I would advise him to build a linear phase computer to do the processing, it will virtually be unlimited.

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    Well my ideal listening space would be pretty large and I think I'd probably stick with waveguides but do a multi-channel setup and really spend some time on the subwoofer/room integration. I continue to love my Geddes Nathan 10s and I haven't really felt compelled to make substantially different speakers, I really just want more of them. Summas across the front with Nathan's on the rear channels would be nice. They don't even need to be the Geddes designed speakers. There are some Econo-wave deluxe designs that perform very well.

    In any case, I'd look for a nice large, appropriately reverberant room and then stick some high efficiency waveguide speakers in there and work on getting bass to match.
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